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15th January 1977 to 12th February 1977, Nigeria hosted FESTAC ’77 also known as Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture. At this festival, about 16,000 participants, representing 56 African nations including Britain celebrated the rich cultural diversity of Africans and showcased to the world; African music, fine art, drama dance and religion. 2017 mark the 40th anniversary of FESTAC ’77. The emblem of the festival was the royal ivory Queen Idia mask last won by Oba Ovonramen, a Benin King dethroned in 1897 by the Consul-General of the Niger Coast Protectorate, Ralph Moor. The mask, alongside other artefacts carted away during the British punitive expedition of 1897, now at the British Museum London, the Horniman Public Museum London and World Museum Liverpool since 1910. Our heritage focus is to explore the history, significance and traditions of African mask as part of celebrating the 40th anniversary of FESTAC.

Our team of volunteers will be researching, recording, documenting, sharing knowledge and memories about the FESTAC ’77, the history of the mask and its presence at the British Museum London.

Volunteers will receive free training on Film-making.
Job roles
1. Filming and documenting all trips, events and workshops for duration of project
2. Support and work as part of production team to create film documentary
Volunteers will receive free training courses on photography.
Job roles
1. Capture professional photographs (training will be provided) and document all trips, events and workshops for duration of project
2. Editing and retouching pictures
Volunteers will receive free training on Oral history and interview.
Job role
1. Interviewing members of the public through face to face and mass media (radio)
2. Review information obtained from interview for completeness and accuracy
Job role
1. Listening to recordings and type the spoken content verbatim into a written transcript.
2. Recording and documenting all interviews conducted on the project
Job role
1. Deliver and prepare workshops
2. Organise workshops
3. Forge excellent relationships with schools, community and wider public
4. Completing any appropriate monitoring and feedback
Job Role
1. Coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency such as;
2. Filing documents
3. Answering phone calls
4. Ordering stationary
5. Any other role that would be assigned by the Project Manger
Contact: Joseph Ayavoro 07525354429, Oboh Ehinomen 07891834506


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