joes pic 2

Joseph Ayavoro – Founder/Director

Sculptor/Public Artist

Joseph has combined backgrounds in visual arts, and above all, art in public spaces with 25 years’ experience in creating sculptures and architectural projects especially with steel and wood.

His forte lies in providing art and design training, art workshops and public art projects supporting the development, promotion and preservation of indigenous arts and craft skills. He started his creative art practice in Nigeria in West Africa, and since the inception of Creative Hands Foundation in 2008, many people of all ages and backgrounds have been inspired and empowered by the activities of the organisation, thereby motivated to take up the art of creativity either professionally or as a happy and healthy hobby to promote self- reliance, confidence, self-esteem and teamwork.

The people of Manchester and beyond have been able to benefit from the creative experience of Creative Hands in developing their creativity and artistic skills thereby transforming their lives by becoming active citizens and achieving creative attainments in arts and craft entrepreneurship either as participants, volunteers or participating  audiences.

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