Our vision is to educate young people and adults with creative arts and music skills for posterity and social economic benefits enabling them to achieve their full potentials.

We aim to:

  • Increase arts and crafts activities for young people, adults and families

  • Reduce the number of isolated young people, adults and families

  • Improve young people and adults skills

  • Improve well-being of young people and adults

  • Raise aspirations and increase young people and adults achievements

We provide accredited courses, cultural arts and crafts workshops and volunteering opportunities.

We have identified 3 key values that underpin our work:

Creative, Community and Culture

CREATIVE: We create a space for people to learn new skills, explore new art materials and techniques and express their individuality through arts and crafts activities with our team of professional artists and facilitators.  We recognise that each individual has a unique ability to contribute, which we must nurture.

COMMUNITY: We believe in the value of cultural exchange between people from different communities.  The diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued.  We work with our partners to develop strong and positive relationships between people providing support and innovative activities to enable people to strive for their full potential.

CULTURE: Our activities engage people from all cultural backgrounds and provide opportunities to share their indigenous creative skills, knowledge, experiences, history and talents.

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