National Lottery Project – Leyland

#NationalLottery hashtag

CH4 Arts and music project

The Project was made possible by the generosity of National Lottery players.
The women and youth groups took part in 16 sessions of Arts, music, dance and African drumming workshops which ended with an art exhibition and dance performance.




DSC05677Participants expressed their views of the project.

Fiona said: I didn’t know I could do this!. I’ve learnt something new and didn’t know I could do it. Good getting the chance to meet a group of people all focused on own tasks and about to relaxation and chat. Relaxing, not complicated. Thanks a lot.

Tract said: Had a fantastic session like nothing I’ve done before. Played music and it sounded brilliant and even danced in front of strangers. Had side photo taken which I wouldn’t normally do, but did, mould clay had a stress free afternoon.  

Asma said: Thanks to both of you. I has a great time. It has helped me with my stressed. Thanks again. I can’t wait to come back for the next time. 

 Linda said: Was really nice entertaining and learn a lot of new things and create something new. Thanks








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