The charity is set up to empower and equip underprivileged young people and adults with visual art, craft, music and dance skills through practical workshops and volunteering opportunities.

Our project is helping people to become self-employed as well as raise the goals and aspirations of the community and beyond.

At Creative Hands Foundation, we believe in unlocking the creative potentials of young people and adults to gain professional skills to enable them to strive as future leaders and creative entrepreneur’s. Our team of professional artists, educators and community development workers thrives on developing innovative bespoke workshops and projects that inspires, challenges, transforms people’s aspirations and make positive contributions to their lives and communities.

Our sessions provide an opportunity for interactivity, creativity, expression and communication in addressing the barriers which leads to under-achievement and non economic growth.

We have recently opened a new Artist Hub in Leyland working in partnership with NHS Lancaster Care NHS Foundation Trust. This will enable us to work with the local people to raise awareness about our activities aimed at tackling isolation and prevention and resilience building particularly around mental health.



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