Promoting People’s Wellbeing.

Since September 2020, Creative Hands Foundation has been distributing food items and other essential commodities and reaching out to vulnerable people in our community who has been affected with the Covid -19 pandemic. Get in touch, we are here to help.


I am writing to acknowledge the package that was delivered to me by the team of Creative Hands Foundation at this crucial moment of the Covid – 19 pandemic. It came as a big surprise and relieve to me and my family. I also appreciate the funders HM Government and The Lottery Community Fund for coming up with sought of support to Creative Hands Foundation. – Mr Ramzi S.K. Clayton Manchester.

Good afternoon on behalf of my mum Mrs Rosie S. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, GM Government and The Community Lottery Fund for your kind generous help sent on Sunday. We really appreciate it and may God continue to bless the team of people that provide the stuff. It was really good to receive a package from you. Thanks once again for your support and help. God bless.

Good Morning Creative Hands Foundation. Thank you for your support, the parcel is very handy. Like the face mask was finished and my children has to go to school in the morning so I checked inside the parcel, I find face masks in the parcel. Once more thank you very much. Marie C.

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